“Food For Thought” – Educational Feeding Program

Funds Needed: $1,325.00 per month
Project Info: The Food for Thought feeding program encourages families to send their children to school, rather than putting them to work at an early age. Usually, it is necessary for the families to work their children from a young age in order to survive, but since the Food for Though program was started the villages families now have a great alternative, that both puts food on the table, and ensures the education of their children.

The program allows families to send their children to primary school, and in exchange the the families receive monthly packages of rice, sugar, beans and incaparina (a highly nutritional drink), which is an important supplement to the conventional diet for the entire family.

In order to gain employment in the cities of Guatemala you need at least a high school education. Our village schools provide up to 6th grade. We have found that there is no lack of interest or ambition for higher education. We have sponsored many students over the past 10 years. These sponsorships have been a complete success. 6 students from Matasano and Pinalito have graduated. Four as teachers, one as an accountant and one police officer.  We cover expenses for food, school uniforms, shoes, school supplies, books, and transportation.

Widows Feeding Program

Funds Needed: $9,66.00 per month
Project Info: There are many widows in the mountain villages we serve in. They have no source of income and no family to help provide shelter and food for them. The majority of their daily time is spent gathering firewood for their small huts. We have the privilege to help give these widows food supplies for themselves and their children if they have any. It is such a blessing and we ask that you would consider partnering with us to feed them!

Pastor Support

Funds Needed: $200 each month per pastor. 2 pastors are currently awaiting support.
Project Info: As the fellowship of believers has organically grown through the years, God has raised up leaders and teachers among us! We have a need to support two pastors and their families so that they may dedicate their lives to the encouragement of the saints and building strong bonds of faithfulness within the local body of believers. The cost to support an entire family is only $200.00 per month.

Motorcycle for Pastors

Funds Needed: $3,000 pr/ motorcycle $6,000 total This need has been met for 2 pastors in our mountain villages! Missionary Ventures based out of Tampa has supplied us with funds for both pastors to have motorcycles! (February 2017)
Project Info: Faith In Action needs to provide motorcycle transportation for a Pastor in Matasano, and a Pastor in Pinalito. Many of the paths and walkways that lead through the mountains are too narrow or steep for a larger vehicle to pass over. It is our hope to raise $3,000 for each motorcycle. These vehicles will facilitate the national pastors in reaching some of the farther villages from the mission with the gospel.


Funds Needed: $250 per pila
Project Info: Pilas are water holding tanks that enable the villagers to hold water to do their wash and also to bathe.  Each pila will provide water to one home.

Homes for Huts

Funds Needed: $2,000 pr/ home
Project Info: Many villagers live in small huts built out of adobe and sticks. These huts provide little protection against the elements and poor ventilation from the open fire pits. Your $2000 donation will provide a family with a new safe home, built out of cement block, with a poured cement floor, and a tin roof.

Rio Dulce Mission Base

Funds Needed: $2,000 per month
Project Info: This needed amount of funding is to cover all of our overhead expenses that we must pay for keeping the mission base up and running.

Zacapa Dormitory

Funds Needed: $2,000 per month
Project Info: This needed amount of funding is to cover all of our overhead expenses that we must pay for keeping the mission base up and running.

House Boat

Funds Needed: $180,000
Project Info: A fifty foot pontoon house boat for use by the mission to serve up the Rio Dulce tributaries. Currently we spend 3-4 hours each day transporting teams back and forth from Rio Dulce to the villages we serve, at a great cost, and loss of time.  This boat will provide a mobile base from which to launch teams of medical and dental professionals, construction and evangelism teams that wish to minister to the remote and isolated villages on the river tributaries.  The boat will allow us to bring teams up the rivers for extended periods of time, and give us access to villages where no missionaries ever have gone before.