The rapid expansion of media on the web and the migration towards high definition content are constantly opening new doors of opportunity for organizations like Faith in Action to more effectively share their story with their constituency. So, we’ve decided to embrace the new ways in which technology is moving forward and are beginning to use mediums such as the web and videography as some of our main components of communication, so that you can always stay up to date with what’s going on with Faith in Action, even when we’re in the jungles of Guatemala. It’s often hard to explain in words what we do. The progress of various projects, and the impact these have on people, just isn’t as easily communicated in words as they are in film and images. We will therefore aim to give you a window into our world by posting high quality videos on our website, at speaking engagements, etc. To do so require two things:

  1. A videographer (we’ve got one)
  2. Video Equipment (we still need that)

We hope to invest about $5,000 in an HD camera, mics, tripod and lighting equipment, but are in need of someone to partner with us to purchase this gear. If you are interested please visit our website where you can give to the “Video Gear” project.