Yes! After 3 brutal days of concrete mud baths, the second floor of the Rio Dulce mission base is completed! Though our group consisted of an odd mixture of New Yorkers, Floridians, local men, and a few nutty missionary Beenes, an efficient system of teamwork quickly developed. What seemed impossible soon became probable.

Traveling up the human ladder, buckets of cement were poured into overflowing wheelbarrows. While the empty buckets were thrown to the poor volunteer catchers below, the cement was wheeled across a track of boards, sloshing about. Slowly seeping through the crevasses of block, draping the naked plumbing, and engulfing the exposed rebar, the 2nd floor slowly took formation. Of course, in Guatemala, the levelness is all in the eyes of a beholder; therefore, the only guaranteed promise on the missionfield is that the job will get done!

We have taken another step forward in fulfilling Gods calling to the Rio Dulce tribes. Regardless of the blistered hands, sunburned necks, and aching bodies, knowing that all is done for a greater purpose makes the short pains and trials of this world worth while.

By providing a lighthouse of hope to the various isolated villages scattered across the shoreline, the Mayan natives will soon know there is God who has heard their cries.