Hard at work on the Rio Dulce mission base

Dear Saints,

Daniel Parker here, lifelong friend of the Beene family. I have been fortunate enough to be able to spend a few months here in Guatemala working with Faith in Action.

On January 14th a team from Canada, as well as our good friend Dan Fekete and his son Greg arrived in Guatemala to help work on the mission base at Rio Dulce and to minister to the river village of Castulo. We have begun the construction phase of our long-awaited and planned-for block school in the village. Juggling construction at the mission base and trips to the jungle village is no simple task!

Last week Dan Fekete, one of our long-time supporters and dear friends was injured while working construction on the job site at the Rio Dulce mission base. Seeming to suffer only a few scrapes and bruises and on his way to a full recovery over the weekend, an injury on his arm has become infected and is causing severe swelling and pain. Michael and Rocky took him to the emergency room at the hospital in Guatemala City where he is under the supervision of their best doctors. I do not have all of the details at this time as I am in Zacapa and not with Michael and Rocky. Our last conversation concluded with Rocky telling me that surgery may be the only option to relieve the swelling in his arm.

It is at times like these when we need the support of all of our fellow prayer warriors. Anyone who knows Dan personally or has met Dan while on a mission trip here knows what a great man he is and that he is one tough guy! Please pray for Dan and for the hands of the doctors who may be operating on him. Pray that he will make a swift recovery. And also as important, please pray for his family, especially his wife Kay as I know the mental anguish they must be experiencing. Details will become more clear in the future and we will do our best to keep you posted!

God bless,
Daniel Parker