We know that the prayers of the righteous are powerful. We need your help like never before. Please join us in intercession for Pinalito, the village we love so dearly. For the past several months, a gang of men from Volcan, a neighboring people, has been terrorizing the Pinalito people along with the surrounding villages. These men are not only after lining their pockets, but are also driven by a lust for women and a thirst for blood. It has gone beyond stealing out of necessity and onto a power struggle fueled by greed.

There is one small, dusty road winding out of the jungles, connecting the villages to civilization. It is a well-traveled anthill. The villagers systematically journey this road back and forth with their valuable supplies and families. Of course, in a thieves mind, it is the opportune place for a stake out.

Heavily armed with guns, four brothers have assembled a well-organized society of thieves. They hide in the overhanging bushes and watch for unsuspecting prey. Young girls and older women alike have been brutally taken advantage of. They are not only stripped of their dignity, but also robbed of the meager supplies they’ve been able to gather. These thieves portray nothing more than a hollow heart and a bitter mind. The brothers go so far as to use their own women and children as decoys in their plots, forcing them to stand out in the road and beckon on the weary travelers. Trapped within the clutches of poverty Pinalito has known nothing but war. Whether it’s the daily threat of hunger carving out their bodies, or savage betrayal becoming the only means to survival; this village is one of the most Spartan of mankind.

A couple weeks ago, the Pinalito men gathered at the entrance of their village under the cover of night. As the bandits from Volcan approached, Pinalito fired its first blast of retribution. Amidst the conflict, two of the men leading this espionage were shot: one in the leg and the other in the abdomen. While this could seem victorious, Pinalito has just signed up for war. Forced to play a daring game of roulette, the outcome is yet to be determined.

We stand in prayerful support behind our village. However, this commitment has not come without a cost. Threats have been posed against our mission base and family. Rumors of attack have spread in hopes of us abandoning our call and deserting the people.

There is a story in the Bible that has reminded us of perseverance: David, pursuing the call upon his life, was anointed to be king. Saul and his army led a raid against David in hopes of derailing him from his purpose. In fear for his life, David retreated to the caverns on the mountainside. Every night brought terror of the unknown. It was in these cold, dripping caves, under a trembling hand of courage that the Psalm 23 was penned.
{The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: He leadeth me beside the still waters….
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me.

To be honest, it’s hard to stand on this Psalm’s truth when we are forced to walk through the valley of death. However, the enemy would have already won the battle if we allowed ourselves to be consumed by our fears. Though the future lies in question, our confidence wavers not from our Heavenly Fathers purpose. It is not by our strength, but His, that we are able to go on. With that being said, we have been guaranteed victory, even if it means falling in battle.

Today, word has come that there is a massive raid on Pinalito scheduled in the coming days. While the women and children will hide in our mission apartments, the boys and men alike will be forced to defend. The tension continues to build, as both parties are preparing to face death for the sake of their cause. When the firing has stopped, and the smog of gunpowder has settled, the earth will have had its quenching of blood.

I believe this could turn into a testimony of Gods reality amongst the villager’s lives. Is it not in the darkest of nights that light shines at its most brilliance? Does the cry of the sheep not bring a warring Shepherd? Our trials and suffering are only a glimpse of the spiritual battle that takes place over our souls.

It is written that what we bind on earth through prayer is also bound in Heaven.
As we are all a vital part of Gods community, we ask that you embrace us in your prayers! As advocates to the cause of liberty, join us as we echo this prayer in unity and break the chains of bondage that now threatens to defeat us.
Pray: That through the demise of Satan’s attack, Gods glory would be revealed. That the clanging symbols of fear ringing in our ears would not drown out His quiet whispers of guidance. That Peace would no longer be a stranger to these lands. That God would grant us the faith to lie down in green pastures.

Our duty is simply stated: To stand for our call, until death do us part
With our lives on the altar, our hearts only cry is for Freedom.