We are so excited to report to you what is going on in the mountains. Prayers have been answered. First off nobody has been killed.  A group of men from the village who were terrorizing Pinalito went to an area of Guatemala called Gualan which is outside of Zacapa’s jurisdiction. There, these terrorists have no backing of dirty cops. In this village, they stole a man’s horse, which they did not realize was a powerful man. As a result, this man sent two trucks full of police to capture them. They drove in as far as the road would take them, hiked the rest of the way by night, and captured a majority of the terrorists. The rest took off by night and have left to go to an area called Peten which is the jungle area of Guatemala.  The remaining men left who were terrorizing the village of Pinalito are forever left with the memory that you will reap what you so. Hopefully those wounds will bring them to an even greater purpose of understanding the mercy of God. Even though these horrible people deserve death, they still live. We pray for their redemption. Our mountain has been rid by the grace of God, not sacrificing anyone’s life from these evildoers. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers. God is good!

-Michael & Rocky Beene