Here is a video of where the Beene family was on New Years Eve.

Emergency Evac: Hemorrhaging Pregnant Woman

It’s such a privilege for God to place us on the front-line battles of the mountain ministry, Pinalito and Matasano. In an area with such spiritually dark oppressive bonds, we have been able to see how relentless, how committed, and how faithful God has been, to us and to the people we work with.

We went up to the Pinalito village to do a Christmas jacket give-away and it turned into a Rescue mission for a mother and her unborn child. Despite the stormy weather conditions we managed to get them off the mountain and down to civilization in time for both to be saved.

Not a sparrow falls, not a child cries, not a woman’s prayers in a forgotten village in the Guatemalan mountains goes unheard without God hearing, caring, and responding. All things are made beautiful, all stories made complete, in His perfect timing.

I Corinthians 9: 22