Testimony from the feared village of Volcan;
A Sister from the Village of Volcan shared a testimony She said that when the husbands would leave to do some violent act of crime that they were told to do, the woman would run and shut the door and beg them not to leave. They would plead with them that they didn’t want to be widows and their children fatherless. When the husband were made to leave to murder or do some terrible crime. The wives of these men would join together and pray. She said she didn’t know if they were doing it right but they would beg God to spare their lives even though they didn’t deserve it, that He would be merciful to them. This sister would tell her husband, ” if God would deliver us from this life that we would serve Him and go and do anything He would ask.’ One day the leaders of the group were all murdered. The families were hiding with their children in the woods in the rain spending nights in fear. The husband of this sister had a dream, his dad appeared to him and said, “son, what are you going to do about God?” The son said, “I don’t believe in God,” his dad responded, “you have always believed in God, your just trying to deny what you have always know to be true.” The son responded, “dad, what should I do?” The dad said, “it’s too late,” and then he vanished and the man woke up from his dream sobbing. When he told his wife she said, “I don’t even know if I’m doing it right but let’s pray.” They prayed that God would help them find Him. Although we had been praying for years for Volcan to get saved we now felt a heightened sense of urgency after the death of several of their leaders. During this time we felt an compelling desire to evangelize the feared village of Volcan. We told the pastor to gather the elders and start praying. The Holy Spirit was strongly impressing in the pastor that now was harvest time. A couple weeks later when we got up to the mountain village of Pinalito we noticed that the pastor never came by. So Michael called pastor Renario, “where are you?” Brother, he said, “I’m in Volcan with some of the elders going to evangelize.” Renario had walked into the house of the very man who had the dream the night before. He said, “you came!” “Please, let me get the rest of the gang so you can preach to all of us.” Renario did not know if it was a trap or if they were sincere. As he brought the rest back they were so grateful and amazed that he and the elders came. They all got saved! They sold all their guns and asked forgiveness of the terrified villagers. The testimony has gone out and the whole village has witness the power of God to change even the most hardened hearts. They are being baptized. They are a testimony of how God makes all things new., the old man is dead and God has taken out the heart of stone and given a heart of flesh. Please pray for their protection as their were many people from other villages and towns that were murdered, robbed ect.. They have laid their lives down and have placed their very breathe now to be lived for the Glory of God, wether by life or by death.