Hello from Jared & Kayla!
Life here in Guatemala is going great! God is moving in the hearts of the people here and we are so thankful for the privilege of getting to be a part of it! If there is one thing we are learning it is that all it takes is a small crack for God’s light to break through the darkness!

Summer Teams are in full swing! It has been truly amazing to see how God moves when we simply give Him our time. The locations may change but the mission always remains the same: Reaching the lost with the love and truth of Jesus! We hope these little stories encourage and challenge you to ask God to show you a broken heart around you He wants to reach mend through you with His love.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” Ephesians 3:20-21

Malnutrition Medical Center advancing!!!
The work with the Medical Center is going awesome! We have had some great help from our last two teams. We spent a lot of time tying rebar, laying block, and mixing cement to pour the structural beams for building support from earthquakes. We have finished the walls for the first floor and are preparing for an all day concrete pour that will make up the second floor! It’s very exciting work especially just thinking of the children in the mountains who will have a second chance at life through this building! Here is a short team video of the progress made thus far! https://vimeo.com/219934092
We can’t wait until the Malnutrition Center is ready to receive the young children and their mothers!
(Photo above: Our team and workers tying rebar in preparation for the up coming concrete pour for the second floor of the Medical Building!)
(Photo above: Kayla and Travis (her brother) doing some concrete work in preparation for all the rebar we would be tying later.)
Medical Hike!
After our NC Team left we took a load of medical supplies to our mission base in the village of Pinalito! We were unable to drive in because of the roads had been washed out, but we couldn’t complain with the view in front of us! We locked our trucks, loaded up the supplies, and prayed God would hold back the black, thundering rain clouds as we set out to cross the mountain range!

God came through in such a cool way! Only minutes after we arrived heavy rains began to pound down on our tin roof, but we were safe! We were able to restock the medical clinic, share in the village church service, and open the clinic!

Meet Pula and her 6 children!
Some of you may have been following her story on the Faith in Action facebook updates. She is in her late 20’s, recent widow to 6 children, and currently homeless, having her house reclaimed by her dead husbands family. Well, here is the good news! Just 10 minutes down the road from our Zacapa Dormitory we are building her a home! It will be very close to the town school, next door to some of our faithful FIA leaders, and across the street from an awesome church! Through this time she has been such an example of trusting in God over life’s momentary circumstances. Her whole family is a constant joy to be around, filling any room with laughter and love!
We are so thankful to everyone who has stood by her in prayers and financially to show her the much bigger family of God we are all apart of!
Dorm Students from the Villages!
This young boy’s name is Anderson. He and another boy named Alvaro have been spending time reading through the Bible with me! Both are very young in there faith and have such a hunger for more of God. Anderson comes from a very broken family where his dad has been in jail because of several crimes and his position in a very dangerous gang. Both Anderson and his siblings have never known a loving father. In the picture above we were reading the story of the prodigal son. Of a loving Father, found in God, who runs to us his son’s and daughters who were distant from Him! It is a beautiful picture of our Father’s heart towards humanity and this picture is now one of Anderson’s favorite stories. Please keep him and the the rest of the dorm students in your prayers! That God will reveal to them what a loving relationship with Him looks like!

Alvaro recently gave his life to Jesus and in my next newsletter I’ll be sharing his story of Salvation and his families also!

Prayer Requests
Thank you all for your prayers!!!
Prayer is our primary weapon on any battle we face. Faith in Actions prayer is to walk daily by God’s Spirit and allow our schedules to be led by the outpouring of His Love to this world. 
Here are some ways you can be in prayer for us down here:
  • Widow’s Feeding Program: We are in need of finances for this program, as the ministry supporting it is no longer able to. It supplies the necessary food for the widows to survive monthly because they have no source of income.
  • Education Program: We now have 23 students living in our Zacapa dormitories and attending the local schools. Please be in prayer for them as they adjust to living in civilization, but most of all for their hearts to be softened to the love of God found in Jesus!
  • Malnutrition Center: A place for the young mothers from the villages to bring their sick infants to receive medical care. It is an opportunity not only to educate these young mothers on how to better care of their children but to also share the love of Jesus with them in tangible ways!

Support Update

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has been supporting me financially and through your prayers!!!
As a married couple we are currently 65% of the way towards our support goal of $3,000 per month to cover all our needs here. We are praying and believing that God will continue to meet our needs as a married couple. He has already met so many of our needs in incredible ways, we love getting to watch His faithfulness lead.
  • Still remembering God’s HUGE answer to prayer! Because I am working for a non-profit mission organization and my income is based solely on donations, the government has excused my Student Loans. They have been wiped clean! It is such an incredible answer to prayer!!!
Thank you again for your constant prayers and support!
God bless,

Jared & Kayla Phillips