Light in the Darkness!

2017 was an amazing time of God accomplishing so many wonderful things in the villages along with the beginning of the Medical Center! This year we are excited for the new things God is leading us into! We are walking into the unknown as He gives us vision to push back the darkness! We feel the passion of His heart for the people we are are serving and pouring out the love of Jesus Christ! We’ll be doing our best to keep you updated on the stories of God moving and lives forever changed. God is faithful and we are hopeful in all that He longs to do through us as His hands and feet. Ambassadors of an eternal message of hope and life found only through Jesus! We also hope that you will be encouraged and challenged for all that God has for your purpose where you live, work and play, in sharing Jesus!

Below are some of the many things we ask you to be in prayer for this year that we will be involved in!

"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen." Ephesians 3:20-21

                        Village of Punto de Coco Li!

A few weeks ago we ventured by boat again to visit the new village of “Punto de Coco Li.” Last fall we made contact with them through a local pastor from a neighboring village and his father. They were very open to us showing the Jesus Film in one of their larger huts as we set up a make-shift clinic to treat their sick! We have been praying ever since for the gospel to continue taking root in every heart.

This past trip we came in with food and soap to hand out, with the purpose of seeing if they were hungry and thirsty for the truth of Jesus that sets Him apart from any other religions claim (in this area it is a mixture of Catholicism & witchcraft). We gathered the village and asked them if they were open to hear our message. At first, two of the village leaders spoke up saying "We have our beliefs and religion and will not change." Slightly discouraged, we waited for others to respond. One older lady spoke up and said, "If I die, I don't know where I'm going. I want to hear more about the God of the Bible." To our great joy several of the families were open to wanting to hear more about Jesus. One family opened up their home for one of our local evangelists to visit them once a week!

We will be bringing a medical team to this village at the end of March as a way to show them more of God’s tangible love through serving them. We are also praying for God to show us what kind of projects we may be able to do there to help them. Our deepest prayer is for them to know their Creator Jesus as their Lord and Savior! Please be in prayer for them and for God to lead us by His Spirit!

                       Village Dorm Students!

        (Photo above: Student Field Trip to the Dinosaur Museum!)
The new school year began in mid-January for our dorm students. We have a total of 24 students this year. The most we have ever had at one time! The atmosphere in our dorms is the best we have ever experienced. There is a joy and laughter in the air that is simply amazing to see with the kids. They have been more open and hungry for God than we have seen before. Kayla has been leading devotional times with the girls while myself and fellow team member Michael Cardone have been leading the guys devotionals. To see the kids engage and ask questions, join in worship and prayer has been so cool to see! Please be in prayer that the truths shared will take root in their hearts.

                   (Photo above: Girls English Lessons!)

                   (Photo above: Boys English Lessons!)
                       Team Season is here!

We just had our first team from Tennessee come down and help reconstruct the school playgrounds in two of our mountain villages! It was such a fun week working in the villages, getting to bless the kids with a safe place for the kids to be able to put their machetes down and actually play together! The team also brought down several jackets to bless the families with!
God has such beautiful dreams for each person in the body of Christ. Dreams that are centered on offering this one true hope found only in Jesus, to our world. His dreams may look different than what we would dream for ourselves but we are certain that His will be rich with purpose and deep in eternal impact.

As you can probably tell we are extremely excited for where God is leading us and for every heart that will be touched by His love this year!

Thank you again for your constant prayers and support!
God bless,

Jared & Kayla Phillips