This was an incredible year! We are overflowing with thankfulness for all that God did to touch so many lives with the love of Jesus! We had the blessing of hosting 8 teams this year from 12 different denominations, and 4 different countries! We also had 8 interns who joined us for the summer months! It was a glimpse into Heaven! Hands were extended across denomination borders, talents combined, laughter shared, and hearts joined together, dwelling on this one thing: Jesus is reaching this world through many different channels and denominations. The central focus must always be the Cross and His Resurrection, where Christ has shown His great love and power towards all humanity by paying the debt and removing the yoke of slavery so that all could have the opportunity to become children of God. This is what every block hauled, bucket carried, tooth pulled, medicine administered, and food distributed represents within our ministry.

We hope and pray you enjoy these few photo’s and testimonies of what God did this year! 

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