God is in Control!

There is no better place to be than in the passenger seat of Life when God is at the wheel! That might mean we won’t always know where we are going, or whats around the corner, but we can know it will always be worth it!

Year 2020 has felt a lot like God reminding us that the best place to ride is in the passenger seat, where we can have uninterrupted peace and rest throughout the journey! 

Below is the first few months of “normalcy” we experienced this year, before Jesus asked us to take a blind leap of faith! 

Church Building for Agua Fria Village!

The village was thrilled to host their first set of teams, as we had a group from Canada help break ground and pull the strings and then a team from Ohio do the first of many cement pours!  

(Photo Above: The beginning stages of pouring the foundation!)

(Photo Above: All ages would jump in every day to help wherever they could!)

(Photo Above: Pastor Cristino in the middle, Carlos one of our students, Melvin our Project Manager and a local village elder!)

Team Canada!

(Photo Above: Team leaders Lloyd & Sandy hiking with Kayla to visit homes!)

(Photo Above: Nothing like a little Crossfit warm up to start the day!)

(Photo Above: Our students having some bonding time with the ladies from the team!)

Team Word of Grace, Ohio!

(Photo Above: Pastor Ryan and his crew doing some rebar tying, the unseen work that holds it all together!)

(Photos Above: Cement pour in the rain alongside the locals! It’s always a huge ministering tool all around for the villagers and our team members to work alongside each other.)

It’s not Enough to Believe God is in Control..

Much of our devotional times with both teams was revolved around the Goodness and Faithfulness of God! Through personal testimony and sharing the Word, we all grew together as we listened and learned from each other. 

Our conclusion is this: It is not enough to know that God is in control, we must believe that He is a good, good Father. Only when these two truths come together within our hearts can we enter into a true rest for our souls. His goodness needs no other proof than the Cross, where the innocent took the place of the guilty, and righteousness was gifted in exchange for our filthy rags of “good deeds.” God is so good, that He will allow us to get to the end of ourselves, our planning, our juggling, so that we can find the true peace that comes from surrendering the driver seat of control to Him

Phillips Family Surprise!

Baby Numero Dos is on the way! It is safe to say our little family has outgrown our cozy one room flat at our mission base!
 We have been making headway building our own new home on top of the third floor of our Children’s Care Center. It is located across the street from our dormitory mission base in Zacapa.
We are extremely excited for what God holds in the future for our family serving the people here. He has already proven faith in so many ways and we know He will continue to lead and sustain us! We hope that you will consider partnering with us in helping us build our family home!

Prayer Requests!

  • Funding for Churches
    • Plan de Agua Fria – $20,000.
  • Help Fund Our Family Home!
    • Phillips Family Home: $25,000
    • We would love to be able to have our own home finished and furnished by the end of this year! Faith in Action has carried the full financial burden of this, as we haven’t asked for funding until now.  

You can partner with us financially through this link! 


God’s Kingdom isn’t built independently, but as one body, coming together to make His vision a reality to this world.

From all of us at Faith In Action
Thank you again for your constant prayers and support! God bless!

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