Don’t Wait to Have 20/20 to Follow Him

Wouldn’t it be nice if God always gave us 20/20 vision on what He was doing and where He was leading us beforehand? Well, it’s been our experience that He only ever reveals “the next puzzle piece.” Most likely because if we were to ever catch a hint at where He would be leading us and what He would accomplish through us, we would never leave the starting block. Human nature would like to make us think that “if we only knew a little more..” we could better prepare ourselves, but it is God’s mercy that does not allow our hearts to be overwhelmed by the journey, and only calls us to take the next step. 

For Faith in Action, this is a year of truly putting our ministry title to the test. God constantly is stretching our reach further into the dark, forgotten corners of Central America as we walk in small steps of obedience, which usually look like giant leaps of trust. These steps are almost always taken blindly, in faith that His character will not fail any circumstance He leads us into, no matter the outcome. His goodness is what grounds us in confidence to live radically for Him!

Two New Churches!

We have two new villages our local pastors have pioneered in the mountains. These people have no church or Gospel presence in their village. Our pastors found a spiritual hunger and desperation in these regions that compelled them to make a Jesus introduction! Riding their motorcycles over the mountain range, and then hiking in, they have miraculously raised up a body of believers who are ready and currently praying for a church building!

(Photo Above: Is the temporary structure the believers are gathering in currently. This was built by our pastors: it is made of bamboo poles and plastic tarps.)

Smoke-Free Stove Project

It is so essential to the entire families health, especially for the mother and babies. The science behind these allows less wood than an open fire, and so it also cuts the amount of wood they need to haul in order to be able to cook.  

We did a stove project many years ago, but would like to initiate it again for this summer. There are many new villages and new families who have never had the opportunity of being selected for this a stove project.

Pioneering Trip to the Mesquite Region of Honduras!!!

This year we will be venturing to the border between Honduras and Nicaragua, in the Mesquite regions that have been untouched by civilization due to heavy “pharmaceutical” trafficking. There are several large villages that do not even have road access, so we will drive to the end of the road and then take a boat.
They are desperate for help!
What we have heard from people in the near-by towns that this area is experiencing sickness and starvation due to the isolation and corruption. Recently, several of the village men traveled hr’s down the channel to the ocean to try and fish for their people, when large waves cap-sized their two boats and they all drowned.

When we sing, “Break our heart for what breaks Yours..” These are the people and places He leads us to. We know that God has connected us to their stories for a reason. We will soon discover the extent of aid we can provide for them.

How Did We Discover Them?

God gave a dream to two of our local pastors about Faith in Action working in Honduras. We prayerfully sent them to travel with a man who had contacted them for help. They traveled 3 days by bus, truck, and boat. Upon arriving on the shores, they hiked on foot deeper into the jungles and found these villages, met with the people, shared their testimonies and what Faith in Action was about, and joined in prayer with them for God’s direction. Currently there are 7 believers in the village who have been gathering to cry out to God together under the trees, in rain or shine. 
Our pastors were very impacted by the needs they saw and the desperation for Jesus that was evident everywhere.

Where is FIA Called?

Whenever our leaders find a new place to work in, our first question is always,
“Do they have a church?”
Our first, primary purpose to everything humanitarian that we do is to plant seeds of the Gospel through meeting their needs tangibly. Our hope is that God’s love would meet them where they are at, and we would have enough of a harvest to plant a church. We aim to offer them eternity within every small act of love.  
Faith in Action is called to the pockets of people who have been overlooked and left behind due to isolated living conditions and statistics that rated them too small a population to consider.

Student Sponsorship Program

Photo Above: Students who attend private school.

Our sponsored students are thriving in their new school!
Last year, we felt an urgency to believe God for individual student sponsors so we could transfer our students who were in public school, into a private Christian one. As a youth, the influence of their peers, teachers, studies is so essential to their identity in that time, we wanted to make sure they would be in an environment that modeled the love of Jesus.
 Our students from these isolated villages graduated from this elite school with honors! This year we have received 10 new students into our Zacapa program, with 7 of them attending the private school. The sponsorship applies only to those attending the Christian school because they charge a monthly fee plus uniform and books.

The Sponsorship Program

It is a monthly cost of $35 per student.
This is an awesome opportunity for our students to have an “adopted family,” where they can feel the pride and healthy pressure of wanting to excel in their studies, so they can write and tell their new families about it!
Upon sponsoring one of them, we will send you their personal information along with a family photo of them in their village to put on your fridge! 
You may start supporting a student through the link below!

Prayer Requests!

  • Funding for Two block, tiled floor churches
    • Cerro Chiquito – $25,000 Fully Funded!!!
    • Plan de Agua Fria – $25,000. Currently $6,700 Funded! 
  • Adopt a Student, Sponsor a Future
    • Each student: $35 (monthly)
  • Smoke-free Stove Project
    • Each stove: $250
  • Mesquite Pioneering Trip
    • Estimated cost: $1,500 (incl: gas, hotel, boat, and medicine

You can partner with us financially through this link!


For helping us complete the next puzzle piece of God’s dream this year. God’s Kingdom isn’t built independently, but as one body, coming together to make His vision a reality to this world.

From all of us at Faith In Action
Thank you again for your constant prayers and support! God bless!

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