(Photo Above: Danilo & Johanna, Salvador and Lucy, Jared and Kayla, 2 baby boys on the way, 7 newly adopted kids of Faith in Action, and two students.)

Rain in the Desert!

We hope & pray you had a wonderfully Christmas season celebrating our savior Jesus!!!
The year 2020 for many felt like a year of survival in the desert. For our ministry, we feared the same, as we watched our borders shut down, every team cancel, and our financial support waiver. However, we have learned over the years that God is always up to something amazing that we do not want to miss! 
What we see in the natural, may not be the reality in the spiritual.
While this year was unlike any we had experienced, we saw God overflowing His Presence on our villages and expanding our ministry in unimaginable ways! 

Fall Flash Back!

20 Marriages & 40 Baptisms!!

During the pandemic lockdowns the Guatemalan government had considered the church to be non-essential. Imagine our shock to hear that all of our pastors not only continued their regular services, but 20 couples with their families had committed their lives to God and wanted to be baptized and married!

A hunger for God took precedent over every physical need that arose; and the physical needs were great! What an encouraging testimony and reminder that God can bring a spiritual revival in the driest of times.
 Still, that is not all God surprised us with this year!

“Therefore Go and Make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit…surely I am with you always..” -Matt 20:19,20

4 Students Baptized!

At the end of this school year, 4 of our students asked to be baptized. This is huge in this culture, as it’s a public proclamation to the world of their decision to become followers of Jesus.
 Most of our students come from families with a history of violence, alcoholism, and witchcraft. It’s amazing that by opening the door for them to continue their education, a way has also been opened for the Gospel to be taken back to their families. Many of them become the first Bible to be read within their homes. 

Thank-you to everyone who supports our students in prayer and financially! 

(Photos Above: Salvador Llanes and his wife have done an amazing job involving our children and students in local ministry.)

Plan de Agua Fria Church

The construction of the church has made some progress this fall, despite the constant delays caused by Covid-19 restrictions, as well as two hurricanes that caused the road into the village to be shut down temporarily.

Our goal is to have it completed and inaugurated by this Spring! 
Join us for the inauguration! 

A New House For Our Student Sucely’s!

When the second hurricane hit Guatemala one of our students homes collapsed in the middle of the night! Thankfully no one in the family was hurt! As soon as we received pictures from Sucely, we knew we had to stop everything and get her families home built. We committed to this project in faith, without any funds raised. To build a two bedroom, block home, with cement floors and a front porch, it cost $2,500.
Shortly after we started sending the materials up to begin the construction, we received a $1,600 donation from a family we do not personally know. It was a miracle! A great reminder that God does not need us to have everything lined up before stepping into obedience. We are only vessels bringing Heavens Kingdom to earth through our availability to be His body.

(Photo Above: Sucelys mom sharing about their experience during the hurricane while Harper plays with baby chicks: her favorite past time in the villages.) 

Christmas for our Church Families!

After two devastating hurricanes, we had families in multiple villages whose crops were effected, or totally lost through landslides. We were able to provide many families with food to help hold them over in this tough season.
Because it’s almost Christmas, we wanted to send up 100lbs of corn to every family within all of our churches. This cost $2,500, if you would like to participate in this Christmas gift for them!

(Photo Above: Thank Vintage Church in Apopka Florida for contributing $1,000 to provide food for our villages!) 

(Photo Above: Distributing food to the families in Pinalito village!) 

Welcome Our New Baby Boy Judah Remington Phillips!

This was the quickest, most amazing birth. In just 2 hr’s of labor and one solid push, Judah came flying out into the world! He has been such a joy to our little family. We call him our little bear cub because he doesn’t cry very much, only grunts. 

He has already taken his first missions trip into the villages, where we assisted a local church family in bringing donations of clothes and shoes to the people. We can’t wait to see how this new dynamic to ministry and family life unfolds!

Harper is very protective of her little brother, and sometimes a little bossy, but I guess that’s to be expected when you’re the oldest!

(Photo Above: Morning “coffee” with my girl who now seems so grown up!)

Prayer Requests!

  • Sucely’s House
    • $900 (Remaining funds needed)
  • Christmas food donation for our church families!
    • $1,500 (Remaining balance needed) For 100lbs of corn for our local church families, in all of our mountain villages! 
  • Phillips Family House

$20,000 is what is left to finish the construction and move into our family home. We currently are living in a bedroom, on top of the Esperanza Dormitory in Zacapa. We love it, but with a growing family we are needing to have some personal space to expand.  

You can partner with us financially through this link! 

Isn’t is amazing, all God was able to do during a global shutdown! We really have been reminded this year not to judge reality off of the natural realm, because through everything, God remains on His throne. THIS is where our unwavering peace comes from, in all storms: God is Good, and He is in control.

We love that we can place every part of our lives in His loving hands and know that, no matter the circumstances, He is working things out for the good of those who love Him. 


We are in this together!
God’s Kingdom isn’t built independently, but as one body, coming together

to make His vision a reality to this world.

From all of us at Faith In Action
Thank you again for your constant prayers, presence, and support!God bless!

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