There have been countless lives lost in the war raging between two villages where FIA works. Two gangs, one mountain, and the desperate need for Jesus. Plan de Agua Fria is home to one of these gangs. 

A mother asked us if we could donate money towards a coffin for her 22yr old son who was the most recent murder. We sat with her in our living-room and cried alongside her as we know Jesus would. This fight became personal. We decided to go to war with the greatest weapons mankind has been given: a name. It is a name above all other names, the name the wind and waves obey, the name of Jesus. His name is responsible for leading the most radical movement of love and forgiveness this world has ever seen. This is what these people needed: to experience a Love so pure, so true, so steadfast, it forgives the most undeserved and unites the most divided. 

Where The Church Started!

From humble beginnings the body of believers start meeting in a home and then a temporary structure as seen above! We encourage the locals to pray for God to provide the funds for a permanent place to meet. Knowing He will move in other believers hearts in His timing to join in and make the project happen! Once He does the fun work begins!! 

We only had three teams able to participate with us and the locals in building the church but what a huge blessing they all were!!!

The Journey

A lot of hard work went into building this church! While we physically drove 2 hrs Into the mountains every day to work alongside the villagers, the hardness of their hearts began to soften. By the end of the year and a half endeavor, even the gang leader who made the term “cold killer” a visible reality, started showing up at 7am every morning to help. 

Photo Above: Our FIA Founders, Michael & Rocky Beene have not slowed down one bit! They lead by example and have shown such a great testimony in staying the course, no matter the danger ahead.
Their whole lives have been a living testimony of the victory that comes when we are not moved by Fear, but Faith.

(Photos Above: we had less than a month to inaugurate the church! All of our teams canceled: except for 4 people who said they’d come if we’d have them. Wow, God multiplied our labor and we were able to finish right in time to celebrate before the heavy rains picked up again!)

Decades of War come to an End as
Plan De Agua Fria Church is Finished!!!

The last gun shots fired to date were 2 weeks prior to the inauguration. It’s when we decided to put on the armor of God and make war with the demonic strongholds that had caused over 13 deaths in a matter of 3 months. We gathered all of FIA leadership and hiked up into the mountains, to the village of the opposing gang. We called the village together and had one of the most powerful intercessory prayers, with everyone pouring out their hearts before God. Wives of the gang, mothers who have watched their sons sneak out at night with weapons, fathers who used to be part of the gang. We all stood together and cried out for Gods Presence to flood every heart, and for Satan to lose his soul-harvesting ground that’s been rooted in centuries of un-forgiveness and bloody vengeance. Do you know…it’s mid December, and to date, not a single shot has been fired in those mountains. It’s the longest standing peace that the entire region has ever know! Praise God, Heavens armies invaded Hell and set captives free, literally. 

Everyone contributed to decorating for the special event! Even the unbelievers knew this meant victory against the darkness! Light had been established in their mountain for the first time, built with a permanence that would stand as a symbol for generations, that God So Loved Them..He sent His children to show them the power of Forgiveness that Jesus first demonstrated on the Cross, and we can now demonstrate to each other. 

The Gospel Is Advancing!

Our FIA pastors have opened a new work deeper into the mountains, edging closer to the border of Honduras! There is no church or Gospel presence in those areas! What a privilege to be able to bring them the first cup of Living Water, Jesus.

Support a Local Missionary Pastor

We have pastors and their entire famlies who have graduated our disciplship program, and answered the call to Go. They have uprooted their entire famlies, and their lives, left behind their famlies and their villages to be planted by FIA in far away mountains where there was no church, or Gospel Presence!
These families are led by literal dreams and visions, and a passion to introduce the world to the Jesus who offers us Eternal Life! FIA has three new church plants that are simultaneously starting. Our leaders have found and have begun preaching the Gospel in these three separate areas this year. We are approaching the second phase, which is building them a permanent  church. Join us as we invade the darkness and establish Gods Kingdom of Light.

Prayer Requests!

  • Pastor Family: $200.00 (Monthly Support) FIA gives this donation monthly to help keep them freed up to dedicate their best efforts to seeking out the lost and inviting them into the family of God!
  • Church Building: $25,000

You can partner with us financially through this link! 

THANK-YOU for Partnering with Us!

Some people can Go, others can Send.

God’s Kingdom isn’t built independently, but as one body, coming together to make His vision a reality to this world.

From all of us at Faith In Action
Thank you again for your constant prayers and support! God bless!

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