We are only a quarter of the way through 2022, and so much has happened! From Michael Beene’s successful colon cancer surgery, to exploring new mountain ranges with our pastors in search of where the Gospel has yet to be planted, our dormitory is filled with students in need of student scholarships, and our 4 oldest bonus (orphan) children being allowed to jump two grades and start 3rd because of their much earned test scores. We already feel overwhelmed with Gods goodness and excited for what’s in store the rest of the year.

Our one objective in FIA, no matter where we are or what we are doing holds true in all we do: populating Heaven by showing Gods love to be irresistible.

Praise Report:
Michael Beene is Cancer Free!

In mid-Dec Michael Beene decided to do a regular colonoscopy, which led to being diagnosed with the beginning stage of colon cancer. God covered us with peace, our pastors and villages surrounded us with prayer, and through it all a very simple truth washed over us, setting our sights on eternities call, and strengthening our bones for the journey. 

The simple truth: We have already died.

As Christians, we have already passed through death! Imagine the courage, the boldness, the freedom that would lead, if we had this truth as a fresh reality every day. Imagine the peace that would swallow up every diagnosis and unknown circumstance that lies ahead if we lived expendable to His Call. 

It is His will above our own: it must be or else we will end up gambling away our eternal call, based on a passing desire, kind of like selling birthrights for a bowl of soup. 

Into the Witches Den

The Journey-
Faith in Action is dedicated to breeching the darkness with the Gospel. Planting churches is our first priority. That means that we only work in regions where there is no established evangelical Christian church. 
We can’t be moved by needs, we must be moved by God.

This has led us to close many doors in villages where they had needs, but already had the Gospel planted among them. 
We recently spent an entire day driving across rural, one-lane dirt roads that just barely clung to the mountain ridge, a steep embankment making for beautiful views coupled with terrifying drop-offs. What we found along the way was so encouraging! There were Spirit-led, Jesus-centered works of the Gospel there. 
It was also a sign for us that God was calling us farther still, to find where the seeds of the Gospel have yet to be planted.

On this journey, we discovered what is known as, “the witches den.” It is a territory that has fought against the Light of the Gospel for generations.

We believe God has given us the keys to the region.
It is a place with 4 “departments” or clusters of maybe 100 families each. The families we spoke with said there was no church among them, no Gospel work, no established Light.
This region is famous for witches who display power seen only in Hollywood films. They have prevented the Gospel from being planted.

A family from there has pleaded with us to come. They have opened their house to hold services, with a desperation much like the woman who washed the feet of Jesus with her tears. These families are willing to risk being scorned, break regional norms, and open the door for us to come!

Great victories come from great battles.
We know spiritually we are going to war with the legions of Hell, but we also are unmoved by the tactics of Fear that is the enemies only weapon.

This will be our next church plant. The biggest project of 2022 for us, as of right now. 

Please join us through your prayers! That the beautiful souls would encounter their Creator, and find Him to be a loving Father, who showed us our value through the payment Jesus fulfilled on the Cross.

Schools in Session!
Join our Sponsorship Program!

Many of our students are first-generation Christians! They come to us as young as 12yrs old, with many staying with us through graduation day at 18!
True change in a region begins with the kids of that region, the next generation of leaders and parents and professionals. This is what our education ministry is about: nurturing and watering the seeds of the Gospel in their youth, while at the same time providing them with opportunities to pursue the dreams God has given them. 

They study in a private Christian school in Zacapa, the town where our dormitory is, or boarding house. It cost $30 a month to support a child’s education. 

Support a Local Missionary Pastor

We have pastors and their entire families who have graduated our discipleship program, and answered the call to Go. They have uprooted their entire families, and their lives, left behind their families and their villages to be planted by FIA in far away mountains where there was no church, or Gospel Presence!
These families are led by literal dreams and visions, and a passion to introduce the world to the Jesus who offers us Eternal Life!

FIA has three new church plants that are simultaneously starting. Our leaders have found and have begun preaching the Gospel in these three separate areas this year. We are approaching the second phase, which is building them a permanent  church. Join us as we invade the darkness and establish Gods Kingdom of Light.

Prayer Requests!

  • Pastor Family: $200.00 (Monthly Support) FIA gives this donation monthly to help keep them freed up to dedicate their best efforts to seeking out the lost and inviting them into the family of God! 
  • Support a Student: $30.00 (Monthly Support.)

You can partner with us financially through this link! 

THANK-YOU for Partnering with Us!

Some people can Go, others can Send.

God’s Kingdom isn’t built independently, but as one body, coming together to make His vision a reality to this world.

From all of us at Faith In Action
Thank you again for your constant prayers and support! God bless!

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