“If it won’t matter on your death bed, don’t let it matter now.” That’s a rule we try to live by. It really helps keep the right perspective, an eternal one, where Gods dreams are prioritized over our own. We live to make His name known in all we do.

No two individuals will live the same life, but as Jesus Followers, we are called to share the same GOAL: Make Him Known. Because when Jesus becomes known, captive souls are freed and His eternal forgiveness and love are revealed.

This Summer, our teams and interns joined us in experiencing spiritual rest, even while we were physically working. 

The Groundwork In Antiquan Has Begun!

Supernatural Journey

This village we have previously written about as, “the witches den.” It’s a place that has already proved to be a spiritual, up-hill battle!

For several days, a rain storm had created a flash flood that collapsed a bridge on the main road. The only way around was 2 hrs through the mountain dirt roads unknown to us. We waited, rescheduled several times, and then finally decided we just had to GO. 
It’s not until you decide to Step Into Obedience, that you start seeing Gods hand in supernatural detailed ways!
As we drove down this isolated dirt road, every time we got to a cross-road or fork Kayla prayed, “God we need someone for directions!” Every single time we came across a fork in the road, a car or motorcycle or person carrying wood would be passing that exact location and they would lead us. The only cars or people we saw on those roads were at the crossroads. It was as if God had placed them there at just the perfect time! 

Above: The pastors family, too excited to wait for the finished building: moved in to begin the work

Above: The assembly line of our FIA pastors, digging the ditches, twisting rebar, and pouring the columns.

Our work ethic always keeps Relationship Building at the forefront. In most of our villages, the first sermon they hear is not behind the pulpit, but in the trenches being dug, while twisting rebar alongside each other, or passing buckets of cement to each other down the line. On our hardest days, God seems to pour out a double portion of His joy.
Our interactions with each other and towards them during the building process is the first introduction of the irresistible Love of Jesus that fills even the hardest days with His Joy.

Our prayer is that by the time the church building is finished, the family of God will have grown and the church pews would be filled.

Giving God Your Summer!

Their Story:
Through a chain of unplanned events, our ministry was plugged in as a destination point for a Ukrainian/Russian bible school located in Jacksonville, Fl.
We had a group of their graduating class join us for the month of June. It was a great time of God moving, while we seemed to be resting in Him. 

He opened a water-park that was closed (just for us!), re-routed the weather every day, held back rain until we literally we’re back on the main roads, brought strangers to every dirt crossroad to guide us, opened flooded bridges just for us to get home, went to spiritual battle in worship and prayer time over the new village, and even moved the smoke at the Zacapa garbage site  to blow past us on BOTH sides while we handed out food and clothes to the families!! 
It was amazing. And it happened because we stayed sensitive every day to His plan, over our own. Sometimes we keep ourselves so busy, not for God, but so that we can feel affirmed by our own over-productivity. And disguised in our “work for God” we find ourselves measuring our value and Gods love according to our works, instead of His finished work of the Cross. 

It seems like most supernatural connection come from spontaneous, unplanned events and crossroads. It’s one of the reasons why we should fight the need to “Stick to the schedule” instead of be flexible. Maybe your detour is Gods re-route into fulfilling what has always been on His schedule? Don’t fight the things you can’t control- surrender them to God.

Trust Him to write your story.
He isn’t just “good,” He is “BEST!”

Family Missions Trip! 

God always is on the move on the missionfield.
However, it is a next level of AMAZING getting to watch Him show up as a family, and experience missions through your kids discoveries and perspectives. 

“Spirit Lead Me!”

The work never stops, but it’s an entirely different experience when you do it from a place of Rest. A place where you’re not trying to “earn” or “work for” Him but from a place of deeply enjoying His Presence, and wanting to make the dreams in God’s heart a reality!

If we desire a supernatural lifestyle, we have to first set our definitions of “spiritual work,” and just look to Serve People. No matter what that looks like.

If you Look to Serve Others without expectation or recognition, you will find yourself before an audience with the King Himself.  Your heart will be translated to a place of worship and a fullness of Joy, as your place of service becomes Holy Ground. 

We are convinced that His Spirit is waiting to meet you in your place of Service Others.

Prayer Requests!

  • Pastor Family: $200.00 (Monthly Support) FIA gives this donation monthly to help keep them freed up to dedicate their best efforts to seeking out the lost and inviting them into the family of God! 
  • Support a Student: $30.00 (Monthly Support.)
  • Join us on a 10 day Team, or lead a team yourself and help us raise this church up and turn this village into a place of worship to the King.

You can partner with us financially through this link! 

THANK-YOU for Partnering with Us!

God’s Kingdom isn’t built independently, but as one body, coming together to make His vision a reality to this world.

From all of us at Faith In Action
Thank you again for your constant prayers and support! God bless!

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