Care Center Zacapa

Funds Needed: $100,000
Project Status: 100% completed!!!
Project Info:
4,200 Sq. Ft. 2 story base. It will house mothers and their children’s with medical needs. 
The surrounding villages in the mountains above Zacapa have frequent medical needs! Malnutrition is rampant especially with the children. Many of the families will not make the journey out of the mountains to seek medical care even when their children are gravely sick. Thankfully the families of the villages trust our ministry to take care of their family members. The Care Center will provide the needed care for these families!

Rio Dulce Missions Base

Funds Needed: $89,000
Project Status: 100% completed!!!
Project Info:
10,000 Sq. Ft. 2 story missions base. 4 units total. Will house up to 40 people.  WE ARE ALREADY HOSTING TEAMS ON 1ST. FLOOR!!!
The Rio Dulce Missions base will serve as a home base for long-term missionaries, interns and short-term teams, working among the Que’tche people living around the Rio Dulce river tributaries. For the past 15 years, Faith in Action has served these people, but has never had a base in Rio Dulce. The limitations of working without a base, has severely limited our ability to effectively reach out to the many, largely, unreached villages with the love of God. With the completion of the Rio Dulce Missions Base, we will be able to have a much stronger presence in the area, cut the cost on lodging, both for our missionaries, and short-term teams substantially, and be able to apply more resources to the work among the Que’tche people that is so desperately needed.

Zacapa Dormitory

Funds Needed: $45,000
Project Status: 100% completed!!!
Project Info: 15,000 Sq. Ft. 3 story dormitory. 6 units total (3 boys, 3 girls). Will house up to 120 students. Praise God!  We are making huge headway!!!
Overview: The dormitories in Zacapa serve as an extension of the primary education schools we have built in various villages. Here the students have an opportunity to stay at no cost, while receiving secondary education from one of the colleges or trade schools in Zacapa. The dorm is fully staffed with a house parent, tutor, and cook. These students, are the first generation ever to receive a secondary education, from their respective villages. Each week they are discipled by our staff, attend church and youth group in Zacapa, and are assisted in acclimating culturally into society around them.

Roof for Pinalito Missions Base

Project Info: The rusty tin roof on our missions base in Pinalito has served better days and need replacement.

Dental Equipment

Funds Needed: $3,500 pr/ chair. 2 needed.  THIS NEED HAS BEEN MET!  GOD IS SOO GOOD!
Project Info: One of the most important ministries that we provide to the villagers is dental care. Tooth decay and poor oral hygiene practices cause tremendous suffering and exaggerate the effects of malnutrition throughout our missions. We want to be able to better care for the people that God has lead us to with the addition of two dentist chairs.

4×4 Vehicle

Project Info: After more than ten years of hard and faithful service, our diesel Suburban, one of the vehicles that we depend on most to help move people and supplies back and forth from the city to the missions, is beginning to die. Faith In Action is in need of a replacement vehicle that is capable of heavy-duty diesel four-wheel-drive transport and extended use under severe conditions. We have located a suitable replacement vehicle – a Nissan Patrol.