An Interactive, Intercultural, Call to Action.

Playing Soccer with the kids at the dump.

Playing Soccer with the kids at the dump.

FIA Internship in a Nutshell:

The goal of the program is to provide a place where young people can have a chance to  interact with local people groups and long-term missionaries. We consider an intern to be a short-term missionary who serves under FIA for 1-6 months. We hope to leave the interns with an experience that will clarify God’s direction and equip them to walk it out.  We hope they will gain a greater understanding of the love of Christ, and how to express His radical Love in tangible ways. We further hope to show interns the extensive, creative ways we are called to Be the Gospel through daily living.


What the Program is Designed for?

The program is designed to give you a wealth of opportunities to serve God in the various ministry locations. It will provide interns with spiritual, linguistical, and cultural training. During their time with us, they will have an opportunities to participate in projects throughout the areas we serve. It will include everything from physical labor, building schools, homes, well digging, to tutoring students individually or in classroom settings, one-on-one or group setting evangelism, and more.

This is a great entry point for someone considering a career as a long-term missionary, or just as a faith building stepping stone to help solidify and define God’s direction in a persons life. It is a great break for the in-between stage of high school and college, as well as a breather from the tedious working class lifestyle.

It gives the person a career equipping experience that allows them to experience extreme faith, as our trust, strength, our capability. We aim to raise up a generation that dreams God-size dreams and lives by extreme faith in who God has proven Himself to be!


Where the Interns will work?      



Interns should be prepared to work and share their talents at any or all of the three primary locations:

  • The mountain missions located in the mountain villages of Pinalito and Matasano
  • The education dormitory located in the deserts of Zacapa
  • The river ministry located in the tropical, swamp terrains of Rio Dulce


How we do ministry?

Faith in Action is a Christian ministry. Our outreach to the local population is based on a holistic approach. We meet their physical needs in order to rescue them from their eternal state. We reach out using medical care, education, agricultural programs, church pioneering, and infrastructure improvements to share the love of God in tangible ways.  We have made a commitment to preach the Gospel with our lives, not limiting the message to a podium and pew setting.  Because of the rampant illiteracy among the people groups God has called us to we have adapted to a method that requires us to be the hands and feet of Christ as His mouthpiece. We very much try to apply the verse that says: “I have become all things to all men, so that I may by all means save some.”(2 Corinthians 9:22)



While a lot of what we do points to their physical needs, we always remember that the greatest impact we could ever hope to achieve is to see people born again.The purpose in all that we do is to share the gospel. We hope to partake in the fulfillment of the Great Commission in this short time we have on earth.  (Matt 28:19).


“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16).

The Overall Goal:

God has given us a dream to bring God’s love to areas where no-one has gone, sharing the Gospel among the forgotten people groups of Guatemala, raising up churches, and local leaders that can oversee and further on the work among their own peoples.


What do We Expect?

Because this ministry is revolved around being God’s hands and feet to the rural corners of Guatemala, laborers who are fit for extreme terrains and harsh conditions is needed. Physical and emotional stamina and a resilient character is required.

We require the people working alongside us to be independent. They must be capable and creative in working around the complications that will always arise in a third-world, impoverished environment.

We need servants to come alongside us and helps us fight this fight of faith. As a Faith in Action intern you will be expected to represent the ministry in a Godly manner through your dress, speech, and conduct. Your commitment to model a Christian lifestyle before the nationals enables them to witness God’s love firsthand.

We believe in people living beyond their abilities, to experience the capability of what God can do when we walk in His promises. We live by extreme faith, and all who come along side us must be willing to step out, step up, and act beyond their capabilities.

A little saying we like to pawn is, “You never know what your capable of until you try.”



What You can Except?

An internship is about finding your place in God’s dream. It’s about being broken, being, stretched, and growing. It’s about learning to be His hands and feet, His body. It’s about surrendering all of yourself, so He can give you all of Himself!

We can promise you that during your stay here there will be moments of frustration, of exhaustion, of confusion, and of being stretched like you have never been stretched before. But we can also promise you that the reward of surrender makes the sacrifice of the moment pale in comparison.  You can be sure that God is always up to something that you don’t want to miss out on!

  • Morning Devotions: We believe it is important to write about the journey so we don’t forget the trials God brings us through and the place He’s brought us from. We ask that you keep a journal during your stay with us.
  • Hard days of intense labor that include: outdoor/indoor construction, hiking into villages, 4×4 driving on extreme roads, working in the kitchen, tutoring students in individual or classroom settings, being asked to share your testimony..ect
  • Independency: There will be times where you will rarely have moments to yourself, and then on the contrary, times when independence will have to be a strong quality.
  • Expect to be stretched beyond your comfort zones.

We want to help you flourish in your gifts and talents. If you are musically inclined, we would love to have you lead worship during group devotionals, or possibly give music lessons to the dorm students in Zacapa.

Cultural Sensitivity

  • You must show cultural sensitivity regarding dress, speech and conduct.
  • You must abstain from any alcohol or tobacco use while in the areas where Faith in Action minister.


  • You must be willing to keep leadership informed about your whereabouts.
  • You must not take any illegal substances.
  • You must inform leadership about any mind-altering medications subscribed to you by a doctor.


  • You must be willing to not use photographs, video or any other forms of media from areas where Faith in Action minister, to represent or promote other organizations or causes than those sanctioned by Faith in Action and it’s partner churches and organizations. You are free to use any media you have recorded for personal use, with friends and family, on the web or through any other avenues. To use media outside these limitations, you must receive written permission.


Why InterAct?

InterAct is designed for people in pursuit of their purpose, to meet with a God in pursuit of their heart. We have found that when we are least focused on ourselves, God most speaks to our hearts. There is a clarity that comes when we stop trying to clarify and just begin living out the Gospel towards others. This is what we offer. A time to stand still and let Him speak, direct, lead.


Working among isolated people groups, with little or no access to modern civilization, brings an incredible reward, but also it’s share of intense hardships. Please read through this section prayerfully and consider if you will be spiritually, emotionally, and physically able to sustain the pressures of frontier ministry. Note that the challenges, to some degree, vary based on your location.

Challenges to Expect:

  • Expect to be working alone under national leadership when ministry leaders are not able to be present due to their schedules.
  • Expect to encounter fear, stress, sickness, and extraordinary cultural differences.
  • Expect to handle responsibilities and pressures greater than you have most likely experienced before.

These 3 challenges can seem both daunting and overwhelming, and without question they could not be overcome without relying on God as your primary, sole source of strength and support.

The joy of walking hand in hand with Him, and relying entirely on Him for your sustenance, both spiritually and physically, is one only few Christians ever get to experience. It’s an position that brings great faith, humility, and harvests a heart full of worship and deep appreciation for our loving Father. You’ll get to experience God’s provision, His protection, His peace, His sustaining power, and see miracles all around you. You’ll get be God’s ambassador to lost and poverty stricken peoples. Whether you are committing to serve God in Guatemala for a a month, three months, or a year, we promise you will not return the way you came.



Things Faith in Action will consider prior to approving your application

Besides having the fruit of the Spirit evident in your life, some of the qualities we are looking for are:

  • Willingness to submit to authority
  • Self motivation
  • Flexibility
  • Strong work ethic
  • Past experience in serving or ministry.


FIA does not provide any medical, dental or life insurance. Everyone working with FIA is required to carry their own insurance. Everyone must have medical insurance and is liable for all of their medical expenses. Health insurance must be up to date during the full term of your stay.

Answer the Call

If you have read all of this info and believe that joining FIA is the right decision for you please fill out the application form.