Zacapa 087

Growing with God

Subsistence farming has been practiced here for generations. Corn or beans are planted on the same hill year after year and it has left the soil depleted of its nutrients. Today we are promoting permanent cash crops that will not only improve yield but help conserve the water shed for the entire region. Some of these advancements in agriculture include citrus, macadamia nuts, coffee, and fruit that yield four or five times the income of traditional harvests.

We teach composting and vermiculture as an alternative to chemical fertilizers in their soil. We buy coffee beans from the very coffee trees we planted years ago. They produce some of the world’s best organic coffee right in our mission. In our greenhouses we graft many types of seedlings onto strong rootstock and patiently nurture them until they are ready to be planted in the fields. Diversity and sustainable ideas in agriculture are improving the lives of the people we minister to. The amount of land needed to sustain a family is decreasing and the quality of life is improving.

Spilling the Beans


Soon after Faith In Action moved into the mountain village, they were overwhelmed by the perplexing needs that surrounded them. By all outward appearances, the local people were living in the Garden of Eden – and yet suffering from starvation. Michael and Rocky, the founders of Faith In Action, prayed to God, “how can we help these beautiful people find means to feed their children and meet their most basic needs without loosing their dignity?” The coffee farms were God’s answer to that prayer.

Faith In Action is helping local farmers build an infrastructure of privately-owned coffee farms. These farms are owned, cultivated, and cared for by the villagers high in the mountains surrounding the highland missions. Starting as a small agricultural project developed to help stimulate the local economy, the cultivation and propagation of coffee plants has continued to grow over the years. Faith In Action buys much of the coffee from the local farmers and sells it directly to consumers like you.

Faith In Action coffee is 100% organic. The coffee is mountain grown in the best conditions that produce exceptionally tasty coffee.

Many families are earning their livelihood from cultivating the coffee crops that Faith In Action introduced to the area. Your purchase of this coffee helps provide medical, educational, and agricultural aid to this region. Families farming coffee now earn a much higher revenue from their small farms than they used to when simply farming corn and beans to survive.

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