Faith in Action takes the Good News into communities that have no church and have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Forgotten by the outside world, the villages we minister in are isolated with no basic infrastructure. Having no access to electricity, running water, or usable roads, the people living in these remote places are full of fear and hopelessness. We come to dwell among them and tell them of a God that loves them. Only acts of kindness and touching their needs turn their ears to listen. As we pray and ask God how we can penetrate closed remote cultures that are stagnant and under developed, He begins to give us ideas on how to touch their needs and gain their confidence. Sometimes it takes years to gain the people’s trust and win their hearts but that is Faith In Action’s call…to dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness.

In the beginning…

When Michael and Rocky Beene, the founders of Faith In Action, first pitched their tent on the side of the mountian in the little village of Matasano, people said that they wouldn’t last very long. They said that they would become disheartened, fall ill, be intimidated to leave, or even worse, be killed. The villagers were savage, mistrustful, and understood only hardship as a way of life. Today, however, the mission has stood the test of time and Michael and Rocky have forged life-long relationships with many of the very people who sought to do them harm. Their passion for their calling birthed the organization we now know today as Faith In Action.

Mission Possible

  • The message has spread! In the highland missions we now we have two mountain mission bases that serve as operation centers for spreading the Word of God throughout the region. Faith In Action has been able to provide safe housing for local pastors as well as clean safe places to gather for worship and prayer.
  • Local pastors, devoid of cultural barriers, full of faith, and serving God with passion and dedication, have answered the call to action. These men are taking the awesome message of Jesus Christ into the villages surrounding our missions and share the Good News!
  • The river ministry has watched the organic growth of a new church in Castillo Creek, a remote village nearly cut off from all society. Thousands of years of hardship, generations of starvation and death, witchcraft and disease are all being reversed as the Gospel changes people’s lives forever!
  • More requests to come and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ are beginning to pour in from the most remove villages in the lowland river basin areas. Faith In Action is answering the call.

Our faith compels us. God’s love sustains us. God’s clear call guides us.

Our lives are poured out as living members of the Body of Christ. We speak the truth, show the love, and share the grace that god has so freely given to us with those that would otherwise be destroyed – this is Faith In Action’s mission. This is our life’s work. This is the eternal legacy of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice flowing through the missionaries of Faith In Action. When God calls his faithful to action, we will always answer his call.