The majority of the people in the villages where we minister do not have the ability to provide safe, clean housing for their families. Many children sleep on dirt floors. They cook over open fires, which create dangerous fumes that are inhaled daily. They eat a diet of mostly corn tortillas, some beans and usually have no fresh water. Faith in Action is called to address these needs and in so doing bring forth a tangible expression of the love of God. With the help of the villagers themselves and teams that have come to pour out their lives, we have been able to make many improvements over the years. We construct concrete homes to replace mud or bamboo huts; build bridges over swamps, and construct roads through rough mountain terrain. This links the local people with the developing world around them and enables commerce. We have dug wells and built latrines, schools, and churches. The playgrounds that Faith in Action has built encourage an atmosphere of friendship and love between the children and help to combat the long history of family feuding. The stoves project was initiated to halt life-threatening lung diseases. We have piped water from a fresh spring five miles through the mountains. The villagers now have clean water in their own homes for bathing, washing clothes, and cooking. All of these projects help develop a sense of community while teaching various trades. Heaven has opened up on these villages and the body of Christ has become His hands of tender embrace that declares that God sees and He cares for their needs.

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