Poverty grips the majority of families in the mountainous regions around the highland missions. Because a family usually cannot afford anything except beans or corn, severe malnutrition causes debilitating diseases and high mortality rates in young children. Adult family members usually can fend for themselves from day to day but the real suffering is most apparent in young children from the time they stop nursing through the age of four or five. The tell-tale signs of the distended belly and the lethargic inability to perform basic self-serving tasks are prevalent and totally avoidable with proper nutrition and education.

Another alarming reality in the mountains, is the fact that many families simply don’t own enough land to farm sufficient food to feed their children much less sell it at the market. Supplemental nutritional help is a huge need in the mountain missions and we feel lead of God to bring help and support in the form of a regional nutrition education and care center. Many children die between the age of 2-5 because Mom is now nursing another baby and the small child has a hard time thriving on just a tortilla. This is the age group that would mostly be at the nutrition center.

We need to construct a building that will house this ministry. The cost to construct this project is $25,000.00.

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