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Education, Unlocking the Human Potential

In order to gain employment in the cities of Guatemala one needs a high school education. We have found that there is no lack of interest or ambition for higher education. Over the past decade, we have sponsored several distance learning students. These sponsorships have been a complete success.

A private trade school has opened in Zacapa, Guatemala, that offers certifications in areas of advanced study such as accounting, auto mechanics, carpentry, metal working, air conditioning, and business. These trades are the latest and most advanced educational opportunities in our region and God has seen fit to put them on our doorstep! if our students decide to attain a simple high school diploma they will be able to be gainfully employed in a wide variety of positions ranging from school teachers to bank tellers. Faith In Action has been diligently moving forward to provide free access to knowledge. We are seeing the shackles of poverty, ignorance, and starvation eliminated from the remote areas we minister to. There has also just recently opened up a free university right down the road. Only books, uniforms and specialty request from the school such as trips will have to be provided for.

What is the Zacapa Dormitory?

The dormitory complex is still under construction but has begun to operate on the first floor. We house a long-term student population that have made the decision to move from their mountain homes down to the valley city of Zacapa in order to pursue better opportunity for themselves and their families. This is an exciting project that has already changed the lives and futures for countless generations.

Faith In Action is providing the following for it’s dormitory student population:

  • Biblical teaching and Bible study
  • Safe and secure housing in our private dormitory complex
  • Transportation to and from school
  • Books, uniforms, supplies, and field trip expenses
  • Healthy and nutritious food
  • Safe drinking water

The God of the impossible. The dream maker.

What lavished love God has poured out & showered on the poor and forsaken of society. This opportunity to come and live near school in Zacapa will help the students from our mission achieve great things. This is a dream for many never would have imagined possible. Thank you for making dreams come true and being a vehicle for God to use in order for Him to show His goodness to even the least of them.

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