Every year our education programs grow. We house, feed, and teach more children than ever before. We now have 28 students at our dormitory! Faith In Action’s primary school education program provides basic education to the young children living in the highland regions near our missions in Guatemala. Our prayer is that these children will always know how God rescued them from savagery, poverty, and godlessness, and that they will be used as a great example to give hope to the rest of the villages for generations to come.

Faith In Action is providing the following for the primary students attending mission schools:

  • Safe and clean learning environment
  • Basic math, reading, writing, and social skills
  • Nutritious meals during class
  • Books, uniforms, and school supplies
  • Field trips to educational destinations
  • Subsidized food for the family provided by the Food for Thought feeding program*

*Faith in Action’s Education Feeding Program subsidizes the parents of young children with monthly food rations if the child is allowed to attend school. This food reward program allows the child to fulfill a role in the family by providing what is needed for the other siblings to survive.

The Next Step

The first generation in the history of these rural tribes is able to have an education and the opportunity to succeed at providing for a family. The limited provision of a 6th grade education by the federal government isn’t enough to bring the children into the competitive professional role that it takes to survive in society. There is no future for them on the mountain as land is scarce and killing and fighting over inheritance is very prevalent. We felt God lead us to give the people a future and a hope through opening up the possibilities to become professionals by having an education. After several of our students graduated, we invited them to continue their education by moving to the foot of the mountain into Faith in Action’s dormitory. Our dormitory project in Zacapa allows for access to trade schools and universities. For the first time in the history of the mountain villages, students are becoming teachers, accountants, etc. We now have several graduates with degrees and good jobs. Click here to find out more about continuing education.