When Michael and Rocky first pitched their tent on top of a mountain in Guatemala and began ministering as Faith In Action they had a clear word from God, “Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness.” They brought an air mattress and portable crib for Tiffany, their new baby daughter. Rocky cooked over a little gas stove. Day after day Michael and the men of the village would take a chain saw and cut down trees to make the first mission base. The wood planks were still wet when they nailed the boards together. (20 plus years later it is still in use as our mission base in the village of Matasano). They had barely moved into the mission base when the surrounding villages began to bring their sick – a girl with rheumatic fever, a man with hepatitis, a woman with chronic pneumonia spitting up blood, malnourished children who were unable to open their eyes and not even having the strength to cry. The local witch doctors, and all other remedies were sought after first and then, as if there were no hope, they came to Michael and Rocky, the missionaries. Supernaturally, God poured out His mercy and lives were saved. Then came an epidemic of measles that was taking the lives of the people. Hiking from hut to hut Michael and Rocky gave the local people a simple shot of penicillin and their lives were saved. During an epidemic of cholera, the sick were given IV’s, and not one of them died. Michael and Rocky were not medical people but willing vessels to allow God to show Himself strong and real to these people that He so desperately longed to reach. They prayed and researched medical information. Oh, how faithful is our God to heal, deliver and set free. Since Faith In Action’s arrival in the highlands, infant mortality rates and deaths of small children have plummeted to their lowest levels. Portable sonogram technology is allowing Faith In Action to identify issues early and help expectant mothers prepare for birth.

Faith In Action takes medical and dental teams into areas that have never seen a doctor or a dentist. Our teams suture wounds and pull teeth and then give them their teeth back through dentures. The teams go by boat up the tributaries and hike into the villages so that these people will know how extravagant God’s love is for those that only His eyes see.