Prayer makes all the difference!

As we seek to meet the needs of those who are continually struggling to survive. To show them the love of Jesus! Our greatest need is for the body of believers to join us in prayer! Join us as we go to God to lead in serving the people and expanding His church body!

We hope you will join us in prayer for:

  • Church Construction:

    • Cerro Chiquito – $25,000 FULLY FUNDED!!!
    • Plan de Agua Fria Village – Has been funded for $6,700 of the needed $25,000!
  • Adopt a Student, Sponsor a Future:

    • Each student needs $35 monthly to give them the opportunity to gain an education from a Christian School!

  • Smoke-free Stove Project

    • Each stove costs $250 It will provide a family with a healthy environment to cook for themselves.
  • Care Center Completed!!!

    • We have finished building the Care Center!!!
    • We are praying for the needed Medical Equipment and Staff Members to utilize the center.
  • Mesquite Pioneering Trip Honduras

    • Estimated cost is $1,500 to cover all expenses such as fuel, hotel, boat and medicine for the village.