The Faith in Action Code of Conduct applies to all participants with short-term teams, interns, as well as long-term missionaries.


    • Maintaining a positive and uplifting attitude regardless of the circumstances.
    • Have a willingness to serve the needs of others before yourself.
    • Flexible and able to accept changes to plans and schedules.

Work & General Participation

    • Willingness to accept and perform all tasks assigned to you, without complaining.
    • Inform leadership about any physical limitations that may hinder yourself or others around you from performing their assigned tasks safely.
    • Willingness to participate in group and individual activities such as team projects; bible studies, devotions, prayer meetings and church meetings as requested by leadership.

Respect & Cooperation

    • Willingness to respect and cooperate with others regardless of differences that may arise.
    • Willingness to submit to the leadership (includes Faith in Action Leadership, local pastors, team leaders and those in authority).

Cultural & Spiritual Sensitivity

    • Show cultural sensitivity regarding dress; piercings, speech and actions.
    • Comply with Faith In Action specific dress code.
    • Faith In Action reserves the right to ask any team member, intern or staff member to change their attire or remove piercings when seen as necessary to remain respectful to the local nationals.
    • Abstain from any consumption of alcohol or use of any tobacco products while in the areas where Faith In Action is actively ministering.
    • Abstain from any sexual relations, outside of marriage as defined in the Bible (Marriage is “a holy covenant made between one man and one woman” See Matt 19:4-6).


    • You must keep all leadership informed about your whereabouts.
    • You must not venture outside of designated safe areas.
    • You must not take any illegal substances.
    • You must inform leadership about any mind-altering medications subscribed to you by a doctor.


    • You must be willing to not use photographs, video or any other forms of media from areas where Faith in Action minister, to represent or promote other organizations or causes than those sanctioned by Faith in Action and it’s partner churches and organizations. You are free to use any media you have recorded for personal use, with friends and family, in print, on the web or through any other avenues. To use media outside these limitations, you must receive written permission.