“When we came here to the mountains of Guatemala the mortality rate was 40%. By the Grace of God every malnourished child that got to the mission survived.. We look at the congregation in the churches or as we go down the trails, we always come across people that would not be here, if it wasn’t for the grace and love of God that rescued them from death itself. Those that were brought to the mission as children are now adults.”

– Michael & Rocky Beene, Founders

Faith In Action facilitates projects that turn the tide of extreme poverty. Malnutrition and disease, side effects of this poverty, have taken the lives of so many children in rural Guatemala… Faith In Action provides nutritious meals for the people in critical need of healthy food.

Financing these two feeding programs is currently our greatest need! Please prayerfully consider giving to this beautiful cause – Donate Here!

Food for Thought – A School Attendance Subsidy Program

Children from two to five years of age struggle to survive on just tortillas. The Lord gave us a plan to help the families whose children are too young to go to school to benefit from the school feeding program. As a stimulant to keep children in school, we have started a reward program to benefit the entire family. The children who stay in school for a month will receive nutritional drink, beans, corn, rice, and sugar to take back home to help feed their siblings. The parents of our students see their child’s involvement in this program as a job and allow them to continue to study. Click here for more information.

Widow & Orphan Feeding Program

In a subsistence-based culture, widows and orphans are left to fend for themselves. Faith In Action helps support local widows and young orphans who are unable to feed themselves. Once a month we distribute corn, beans, and incaparina. Incaparina is a healthy nutritional drink. Click here for more information.

Nutrition Education Center

The Lord has placed it in our hearts to develop a new ministry that will benefit the very least among the villagers. Many of the children that are between two and five years old have the hardest time surviving. Typically there is another baby on the way or one that is now nursing by the time a child is two. Small children usually have to survive only on corn tortillas – these are the children that many times do not survive. Parents often bring very young children to the clinic for us to treat for a wide variety of illness when the root cause is simply malnutrition. Having a place where we may educate the families of small children about nutrition and provide support for those in immediate need is imperative. Click here for more information.