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Rocky Moro and I met in the mountainous village La Perla, nearly 30 years ago. Now, we have 4 wonderful kids. Our eldest, Tiffany has gone home to be with the Lord and our 3 younger children are still serving God in Guatemala. The treasures of life are found in being spent for God and poured out for the sake of others. There is no greater Joy!

I remember hiking down this old mountain trail that the natives have used quite possibly for centuries. The grass was up to our first daughter, Tiffany’s neck. (she was 6 months old) Rocky and I were teaching her how to walk in front of our little tent. We were just getting settled in our new home.

During the day, Michael and Jaime along with the natives were cutting trees down and making lumber to build our mission base. We never dreamed that almost 30 years later we would still be serving here.

Over the years in the village, we have had severe trials of sickness, hurricane and lack of many of the basic things like electricity and a decent road. The village was plagued with epidemics of cholera, measles, and lung infections. They are still struggling for survival against mal-nutrition and starvation.

We have fallen hopelessly in love with these people and those bonds give us the strength to hold on. We have stayed and weathered the storms of life along side them and hopefully are making a difference too.

Our Life Motto: To Dream the impossible…

Our lives are hidden in Christ. The life that we now live, we live by faith. This truth has brought us so much joy and fulfillment. We have been inspired by the famous Spanish literature, Man of la Mancha by Miguel Servantes. You probably know the theme…

To dream the impossible dream, to beat the unbeatable foe; this is our quest. To right the unrightable wrong. To be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause.