Well the kids have moved in. This has not been the big group that we expected. Many of the children have been afraid to move in with the ”gringos.” We so quickly forget how primitive these people have lived and the fears and superstitions in which they have come from. We were the gringos that they thought were going to eat them, and now we want them to live with us……. We understand that God has clearly told us to not despise small beginnings. We are very thankful to God that with a smaller group, He is helping us iron out all the new things that we have not considered in starting this ministry. We are also thankful for Anthony and Melanie and their willingness to grow and mold this new ministry with much love and patience. God’s ways are perfect and His timing is always “just in the nic of time.” The nation of Guatemala has always started their school year in the beginning of Jan. But we were not ready to receive the children yet…. As much as we have been relentlessly working on the dorm, we still were not ready. Soooo God had the nation change its day of opening! Nationwide, for the first time, the school year was pushed back to Feb 1st. We had a chance to finish the dorm!!! The children came in amazed that this was going to be their house for the next several years. They all now have a mattress and pillows, that for most of them was a first. They all have their own bathroom per room. Most have never used a shower to bathe or seen themselves in a big mirror that hung over their sink. They stood in amazement as they saw themselves in the mirror. Their smiles were huge and the testimony was “God’s love is extravagant.”

Thank you so much for making this dream of changing the destiny of the poor mountain region to a hope that comes to the children thru education. The kids are going to church twice a week and enjoying a blessed family ambiance that Anthony and Melanie are creating. Please continue praying for Anthony and Melanie and the children. We expect that as these children survive and are not eaten…, that many other kids from the mountain will be encouraged to come and study next year. We also have the children from the river that are waiting to pass the 6th grade so they too may come and be a part of the education program. So we are now working to complete the 2nd floor.