I think we bring great joy to God’s heart when we let go of all our anxieties and allow Him to do the supernatural. He is the God of the impossible.

When we see the storms of life intensifying we can’t allow the winds and rain to discourage us. We have to raise our sails and harness the turbulence in spite of how we feel! God has made us the light of the world and the salt of the earth for this very reason. We are the ones with the eternal perspective in this chaos.

As the economy started it’s down-turn, I began to feel anxious because of all the people depending on us. Feeding programs, school programs, support lines that go deep into the communities that we work in. We also launched two huge construction projects at the same time. Many responsibilities were heavy on our hearts and to be honest, I freaked.

Pacing back and forth with my heart racing., I began asking God what we were going to do? As I pondered these scary thoughts, I felt like God spoke, “Don’t worry, I’m not American.”

I know I don’t need to interpret that for you but the jest that I received from Him was that His economy is not of this world. His ways aren’t ours and so on. The bottom line, He was telling me to get a grip, He’s God!

I went into the other room with great relief to share with Rocky the good news! I told her I had a word from heaven. God says, “Don’t worry, He’s not American.”

Sometimes it seems easier to face life threatening giants like David rather than be with his brothers in the foxhole day in and day out hearing the bad news. Bottom line is this….. There is no testimony without a Test….

Soon after that amazing word, we were invited by Empower Ministries to go to Winnipeg, Canada. We went to a wonderful small community called Niverville. They had a hotdog and hamburger cook-out and invited everyone in town to come meet the missionaries.

One of the coolest things about this community is that they all joined together. On Sunday morning they took us from literally church to church to meet the people and share the vision.

Out of that awesome visit, they not only began funding this huge project but they started sending team after team to help us build the new mission base at Rio Dulce.

Winnipeg is cold in the winter and Rio Dulce is scorching hot. Nevertheless, they worked day after day, team after team with joy and commitment, totally supernatural!

Times Square Church also began helping us feed the children in the schools with balanced meals that they have never had their entire life. Sponsorship for the children’s higher education came in for the new students.

Now, please don’t get me wrong, we began shrinking with the economy and cutting back every inch that we could to survive but the most important things like ministry and the needs of the people are still being met.

On our part, we count it all joy to sacrifice for His kingdom.