We are so incredibly blessed to see years and years of labor, love and the fruits of your support all coming together in a grand finale.  Graduation Day!

These children living in bamboo huts with dirt floors never dreamed that the embrace of God’s love would open a door for them to not only learn to read and write but actually get a quality education that elevates them to a place to get very good paying jobs to support themselves as well as their families.

Are you ready for this shocking news?  We have 4 students graduating this year as school teachers!  Yeah!  We are so proud of them that we couldn’t contain ourselves.  We went out and bought graduation rings for each one of them. Rocky bought the girls their very 1st pair of dress shoes with heels. They were so happy, words cannot express the joy in their hearts. Then we took them to Pollo Campero to celebrate. One of the girls after we got back to the dorm went into her room and I heard her crying and thanking God.

They never knew that He loved them sooo much!!!   Some of the village students, after long hard years of study have come to the moment that they have been waiting for.  A new day is dawning.  This is the hope of the new future that these degrees represent.  Not only for their destiny, but a big, ‘Yes We Can,‘ to all the peers and siblings from the villages.  These students are some of the first students to have graduated in the history of their village. Their example is inspiring and is opening the way to the rest of the children from the villages to also study and follow their lead.

Please pray because we have 15-20 students coming this new year from our mountain villages. Pray that God provides for their education and that their lives will be touched and transformed as they have Bible studies and go to youth group at Calvary Church in Zacapa.  Pray for this program because we need 10 precious Saints to make the sacrifice of monthly support starting by January 1st. for these children in their quest.  It cost us $100.00 per month to cloth, transport, house and educate each student.

We know that your monthly support is a huge sacrifice and just think of the benefits.  We ask God to pour out His favor and joy on your lives for participating in the destiny of these students.    When they go to school, even though they are all dressed just like the other children and they are clean and their hair is cut the same, sometimes when they open their mouths to answer the teachers questions, the rest of the class can tell that the are mountain children by the way they talk.  Sometimes they laugh at them and make fun of them.  They shrink back and feel so inadequate but It is a huge motivation to them just to know that others believe in them enough to support them.  So we want to really thank you for your support and love towards these children.

Please share this burden with us by helping support one of these children for this upcoming year.  You can click below and it will take you to a secure website to log on and set up a monthly donation for $100.00 per month.  Click Here